Follow Your Brain, Sometimes Your Heart is a Little Bit Stupid

Have you ever read or listen about brain and heart?
Have you ever read or listen about mind and feeling?
If you never talk about relation between them, let me help you to figure out.

 image by pinterest; copy by Aiya Shara

Nothing ever happens without a reason.
But if you find yourself  dying into place you've never seen before, you have to figure it out.
It is your heart.
It'll drop your body.
It'll drop your logic.
It'll drop everything you have.
You want to jump into black hole that would make you die.
You want to do something beyond your control.
You want to do silly things that will make people talk about you.
It is your heart.
Heart does not think. It just feels.

But, God is good.
God created human perfectly.
God created you perfectly.
You were given a brain.
You were given a mind.
Brain does everything good.
Brain helps you.
Brain knows what is good and what is not.
Brain knows you deserve better.
Brain knows you need help when you are tired with your life.
Brain will make you to do something that makes sense.
Brain is good.
Brain is smart.
And brain heals your wound(s).

I wasn't just talking about love, but about life. Life as a whole.
People say that you should always listen to your heart. Well, that's true.
But, are you sure your heart doesn't need your mind?

When you fall in love with someone who won't fight for you, will you still love him/her?
I think that's stupid.
Your brain isn't doing what supposed to do.

If you love your job in company that makes you lose sleep and time for your family, will you still work there?
I think that's stupid.
Your brain isn't working properly. 

So, what's the point?
Please, follow your brain because sometimes your heart doesn't know what your deserve.
I don't blame heart, I just know that your heart did everything good and for a good cause, too.
But, you still have a smart brain.
Let your brain think.
Let your brain make sense.
It'll always do the best.
To prevent your heart from doing something stupid and dying because of someone or something that doesn't make you feel good.
Please listen to your heart because it knows what you want, but still follow your brain because it knows what you need.
And then, everything will be good in the end.

content by Aiya Shara 
edited by Stefani Devita


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