Old-Fashioned can be Fresh

Do you remember about your mom's style ?

 Photographed by Yoga Pratama. Makeup and Wardrobe by Meiti Citra. Photo editor by Wahyu Pamungkas

Now, this fashion can be fresh again. Everybody calls this style as "Vintage fashion". You can recycle your old clothes, match it with another outfit, and.... tada ! You'll be "Vintage Styler"


  1. White lace : IDR 65.000 #Second&Good Edition
  2. GEE EIGHT skirt : IDR 85.000 #Second&Good Edition


  1. Hello Aiya,

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    1. Okay Valencia. I'm glad to read your comment. With pleasure , I'll join at WhatIWear. I hope my style can be accepted in your page. thank you so much Valencia :)

  2. itu locationnya dimana ya kak? makasih

    1. Halo krissanti, sory for my late reply.
      lokasi d jogja, lapangan tenis daerah selokan mataram. :)


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