hello guys ...

Welcome to my blog. I'm a newbie in blogspot and I want to share about fashion. Fashion is so expansive, everyone talk about that and I'm not be surprised if a lot of blogger sharing about their fashion.
Fashion is your passion. People can manipulated by fashion, but you must be yourself in fashion. You can make something new, but you don't have to wear new stuff. How?
In my blog, I'll share about second stuff but fresh fashion. And I'll introduce my online shop, @aiyashara shop. My online shop sell second stuff with good condition , start from shirt, skirt, dress, bag and many more. To look beautiful, you don't have to buy expensive stuff. You can mix and match your old stuff with your new fashion, actually you can buy  at my online shop, @aiyashara shop.

I love simple fashion, in the other side looks chic. Simple but chic ! Happy exploring in my blog gals :))

welcome to my fascinating blog \m/


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