Monday, October 3, 2016

Follow Your Brain, Sometimes Your Heart is a Little Bit Stupid

Have you ever read or listen about brain and heart?
Have you ever read or listen about mind and feeling?
If you never talk about relation between them, let me help you to figure out.

 image by pinterest; copy by Aiya Shara

Nothing ever happens without a reason.
But if you find yourself  dying into place you've never seen before, you have to figure it out.
It is your heart.
It'll drop your body.
It'll drop your logic.
It'll drop everything you have.
You want to jump into black hole that would make you die.
You want to do something beyond your control.
You want to do silly things that will make people talk about you.
It is your heart.
Heart does not think. It just feels.

But, God is good.
God created human perfectly.
God created you perfectly.
You were given a brain.
You were given a mind.
Brain does everything good.
Brain helps you.
Brain knows what is good and what is not.
Brain knows you deserve better.
Brain knows you need help when you are tired with your life.
Brain will make you to do something that makes sense.
Brain is good.
Brain is smart.
And brain heals your wound(s).

I wasn't just talking about love, but about life. Life as a whole.
People say that you should always listen to your heart. Well, that's true.
But, are you sure your heart doesn't need your mind?

When you fall in love with someone who won't fight for you, will you still love him/her?
I think that's stupid.
Your brain isn't doing what supposed to do.

If you love your job in company that makes you lose sleep and time for your family, will you still work there?
I think that's stupid.
Your brain isn't working properly. 

So, what's the point?
Please, follow your brain because sometimes your heart doesn't know what your deserve.
I don't blame heart, I just know that your heart did everything good and for a good cause, too.
But, you still have a smart brain.
Let your brain think.
Let your brain make sense.
It'll always do the best.
To prevent your heart from doing something stupid and dying because of someone or something that doesn't make you feel good.
Please listen to your heart because it knows what you want, but still follow your brain because it knows what you need.
And then, everything will be good in the end.

content by Aiya Shara 
edited by Stefani Devita

Thursday, January 21, 2016


So grateful to come back with my blog, after long time. How are you, everybody? Still fine, right?
Before I talk about my post, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! Welcome to great leap year.
And, here it is. For 2016, there is something different with my blog because I'll add something new. Beside fashion or outfit,  I will share about MUSIC. Do you love music? I'm sure that everybody loves music. I guarantee people always be accompanied by music in their whole life. Some activities need music to increase their productivity. 

Well,at the first time in 2016, I'll write about my best playlist in 2016 for some posts. For the beginner, I shared ODESZA as my newest playlist in 2016. Who is ODESZA? Quoted from Wikipedia, ODESZA (stylized as ODESZA) are an American electronic music duo from Seattle consisting of Harrison Mills (CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches). The group was formed in 2012 shortly before Mills and Knight graduated from Western Washington University. Their debut album, Summer's Gone, was released in 2012 to much acclaim in the underground electronic music community. ODESZA followed Summer's Gone with their first EP, My Friends Never Die, in 2013 and their second LP, In Return, in 2014. The duo released In Return (Deluxe Edition) on September 18, 2015 via Counter Records, an extended version of the original album plus three live recordings all featuring a horn section, instrumentals, and a new track “Light (feat. Little Dragon)”. On December 7th, 2015, ODESZA’s “Say My Name (RAC Remix)” was nominated for the Best Remixed Recording Grammy.

Why I chose ODESZA and put it to my playlist for 2016? Actually,  I really like EDM since I was a child. My father taught me to listen Trance music (which is one of genre in EDM) when I was in Junior High School. Year after year, EDM growth and there are DJs from some underground electronic music dance. One of them is ODESZA who striking new voice in EDM. At the first time I listen it, I instantly fell in love with this deep and chill instrument. Great songs!

My favorite songs in ODESZA are Say My Name, It's Only, Bloom (from In Return album, 2014), and IPlayYouListen (from Summer's Gone album, 2012). But, overall, ODESZA makes me feel the chemistry of music. I listen ODESZA, and I'll imagine what a wonderful my life! If you want feel dynamic vibe with positive rhythm, please listen to ODESZA!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Hi Guys. I'm back from my daily activity. Yes, now I'm in my struggle. Being mature is so hard. You know, when you  have graduated, you'd face the real life. I'm in my zero. And in my post, I want to share about being struggle, from zero to big hero.

It's an empty cup. There is nothing and looks so plain. Maybe everyone won't take it cause they think that's useless  without water on it. Or maybe someone just put it in the glass cabinet for a little display.

I am an empty cup. People think that's useless, plain, clumsy, and underestimated. They do not know it it'll become something, beautiful, and very useful. Give me time. I'll show you how to threat me. and empty cup will be filled.

OUTFIT : Red Plump-Top from LMforHardware + skinny jeans (still my simple outfit)
PHOTOGRAPHED by Wahyu Pamungkas (Canon DSLR Camera) 

Sometime, people do not know how struggle I am. They just look my weakness and my failing. Because I'm a woman or because I still have not been able to show my big achievement. But wherever I am, I always know my capability. I just need more time to show them up. Just wait, and empty cup will be filled.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hay ! It has been long time I did not open my blog. So, on this occasion I'd give you some philosophy about life. Ouch, I'm forget to tell you about the best news. I have finished my study and now I have a tittle behind my name. I'm so grateful :) I'm a Bachelor Degree in Psychology UGM and I'm proud of this. 

Once upon a day, I came to a coffee shop in Yogyakarta. The coffee shop is Mooi Kitchen. That place is so comfy and you'd stay in there for a long time. But, there was something in this place that made me interested. I saw the bookshelf. It was like another bookshelf in the world and nothing special (hahaha..), but it made me thougth about something. I thought about choosing and living.
"Life is about choosing. You choose one of every stories , and make it different from another. There is no wrong choice. Believe in your choice and just do it."

 OUTFIT : Tribal-top from LMforHardware + Cream-pencil-skirt
PHOTOGRAPHED by Threanekke (with Iphone 4S)

"Finally, you chose this one . You tried to figure out what you need for doing something, what you need for making yourself being worth it to get, and learned about all mistakes. That's why it's called life. Choosing and living make your life be prodigious."

After my graduation, I know that I have to choose my way for living. It's so hard but for being mature and success woman, I must do it.How about you, guys ? :)

Friday, July 18, 2014


There is something different for this post. I shared about event at my hometown, one of the major rave-party at Yogyakarta. Well, let me to show you :)

This event was made by Breakin Bomb Project, one of Party Organizer in Yogyakarta. They gave party's name as SUNDOWN CARNIVAL, rave party. It was occupied on Saturday, June 14 2014. You can imagine with that place in photo, how wonderfull party it was ! They took Rangdo Bamboo as a place where the party was be held. This place is at Parangtritis and you can use google map to search it.

That was preparation of stage . There were a lot of DJ performance. They would make everybody swing and dance till there's no tomorrow.

The party started from 3pm till 11pm . What was the dresscode ? Exactly ! Everything about beach party can be used !
And... Party was began ! Enjoy the crowded and feel the rave.

On this party, I didn't have many photos . So, I can't define the detail of my outfit. I just wore mini dress that can make me feel so beachy. Me and my friends took a little photo because we are too enjoyed that party. And we always fantasizing at our cities of dreams.

They are the committee for this event. Congrats, guys ! Your event was very success. I believe that people can't wait for the next event, include me. Still chill and break the party !

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hay. I'm coming back since my vacuum of this entire blog. I want to share my new post on my blog. Still with fashion and not far away from style.

What's the meaning of passion ? Everybody has their own passion. You only feel your passion if you find somethin' that very fascinated on. Look at your what you wear. Do you feel passion on it ?

Why I tell about passion ? Sometimes, we do somethin' that we dislike. We be induced on it and never find the way to love it. We aren't on our passion, guys ! So, just find what you love to do. It's easy, if you're happy when did it, you were on your passion.

For this post, I uploaded my outfit photo. I wore full-print t-shirt with my favorite mini black skirt. You know what, I bought them at garage sale and got cheap price. Aha ! How lucky I am ! :)
My outfit was accompanied by denim tote-bag from OH_BAG. Very thankful for endorsing me the gorgeous one. I love it because it can be combined with anything I wear.
I felt comfortable with those outfit and so interested on it. Well, I found my passion. Being simple and look-able are my passion !

Tell about passion, tell about fashion. Like fashion, like passion. You adore it with your wearing, you find your passion.When you be comfortable with your style and feel that it's-very-you , it refers to you find your passion meaning :)
So, let's find your passion on your own fashion.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


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