Friday, July 18, 2014


There is something different for this post. I shared about event at my hometown, one of the major rave-party at Yogyakarta. Well, let me to show you :)

This event was made by Breakin Bomb Project, one of Party Organizer in Yogyakarta. They gave party's name as SUNDOWN CARNIVAL, rave party. It was occupied on Saturday, June 14 2014. You can imagine with that place in photo, how wonderfull party it was ! They took Rangdo Bamboo as a place where the party was be held. This place is at Parangtritis and you can use google map to search it.

That was preparation of stage . There were a lot of DJ performance. They would make everybody swing and dance till there's no tomorrow.

The party started from 3pm till 11pm . What was the dresscode ? Exactly ! Everything about beach party can be used !
And... Party was began ! Enjoy the crowded and feel the rave.

On this party, I didn't have many photos . So, I can't define the detail of my outfit. I just wore mini dress that can make me feel so beachy. Me and my friends took a little photo because we are too enjoyed that party. And we always fantasizing at our cities of dreams.

They are the committee for this event. Congrats, guys ! Your event was very success. I believe that people can't wait for the next event, include me. Still chill and break the party !

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hay. I'm coming back since my vacuum of this entire blog. I want to share my new post on my blog. Still with fashion and not far away from style.

What's the meaning of passion ? Everybody has their own passion. You only feel your passion if you find somethin' that very fascinated on. Look at your what you wear. Do you feel passion on it ?

Why I tell about passion ? Sometimes, we do somethin' that we dislike. We be induced on it and never find the way to love it. We aren't on our passion, guys ! So, just find what you love to do. It's easy, if you're happy when did it, you were on your passion.

For this post, I uploaded my outfit photo. I wore full-print t-shirt with my favorite mini black skirt. You know what, I bought them at garage sale and got cheap price. Aha ! How lucky I am ! :)
My outfit was accompanied by denim tote-bag from OH_BAG. Very thankful for endorsing me the gorgeous one. I love it because it can be combined with anything I wear.
I felt comfortable with those outfit and so interested on it. Well, I found my passion. Being simple and look-able are my passion !

Tell about passion, tell about fashion. Like fashion, like passion. You adore it with your wearing, you find your passion.When you be comfortable with your style and feel that it's-very-you , it refers to you find your passion meaning :)
So, let's find your passion on your own fashion.