Hay. I'm coming back since my vacuum of this entire blog. I want to share my new post on my blog. Still with fashion and not far away from style.

What's the meaning of passion ? Everybody has their own passion. You only feel your passion if you find somethin' that very fascinated on. Look at your what you wear. Do you feel passion on it ?

Why I tell about passion ? Sometimes, we do somethin' that we dislike. We be induced on it and never find the way to love it. We aren't on our passion, guys ! So, just find what you love to do. It's easy, if you're happy when did it, you were on your passion.

For this post, I uploaded my outfit photo. I wore full-print t-shirt with my favorite mini black skirt. You know what, I bought them at garage sale and got cheap price. Aha ! How lucky I am ! :)
My outfit was accompanied by denim tote-bag from OH_BAG. Very thankful for endorsing me the gorgeous one. I love it because it can be combined with anything I wear.
I felt comfortable with those outfit and so interested on it. Well, I found my passion. Being simple and look-able are my passion !

Tell about passion, tell about fashion. Like fashion, like passion. You adore it with your wearing, you find your passion.When you be comfortable with your style and feel that it's-very-you , it refers to you find your passion meaning :)
So, let's find your passion on your own fashion.


  1. You're so lucky! Sometimes we can find unexpected things with the cheapest price ever in a garage sale. Btw let's join my first giveaway, for further info do check my latest post :-)



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