Hi Guys. I  came back from my daily activities. Yes, now I'm in my own struggle. You know what, being mature is so hard. I realized when I've been graduated, I'd face the real life. I'd be in my zero. And this post would share about fighting for my future and was started from zero to big hero.
It's an empty cup. There is nothing and looks so plain. Maybe everyone won't take it cause they think that's useless  without water on it. Or maybe someone just put it in the glass cabinet for a little display.

I am an empty cup. People think that's useless, plain, clumsy, and underestimated. They do not know it it'll become something, beautiful, and very useful. Give me time. I'll show you how to threat me. and empty cup will be filled.

OUTFIT : Red Plump-Top from LMforHardware + skinny jeans (still my simple outfit)
PHOTOGRAPHED by Wahyu Pamungkas (Canon DSLR Camera) 

Sometime, people don't know what I've been through. They just look my weakness and my failing because I'm just a little girl or  still have nothing to show up. But wherever I am, I always know my capability. I just need more time to show them up. Just wait, and empty cup will be filled.


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